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A man walks through the barricade at Cinco Señores
Members of the nonviolent Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO) form a line in front of riot police during a protest march in Oaxaca.
Graffiti reads "Get Out" at the Cinco Señores barricade.
"Get Out."
Protesters spraypaint "Get Out" during a march against State governor, Ulises Ruíz Ortíz, whom protesting citizens call corrupt and repressive.
Pro-Ulises posters reading Ulises, you have the absolute backing [of the people] have been partially torn away to reveal anti-Ulises graffiti beneath, "Get Out Ulises, Get Out Federal Police"
At the Cinco Señores barricade, a toy airplane has been painted with the initials of the Federal Preventative Police (PFP).
A boy guarding one entrance to Benito Juarez Autonomous University takes a break and plays with these puppies while their mother is out looking for food.
A young guard at a barricaded entrance to the University.
A boy at the Cinco Señores barricade.
A boy at the Cinco Señores barricade.
On the University grounds, a boy shows off a homemade concrete projectile, formed inside a section of PVC pipe.
Musicians play on the step of a cafe in Oaxaca.
A food vendor stops with his cart to watch a video of confrontations between protesters and police. DVDs of different clashes were on sale in the square near Santo Domingo church.
Smouldering garbage in a dumpster marks the entrance to the Zocalo and obscures a line of riot police from direct view of the street. Beside the rubbish bin, graffiti calls the police "assasins."
After Federal Police occupied the Zocalo and removed the encampment of protesters, they maintained lines of officers in riot gear blocking each of the streets that enter the central square.
Graffiti reading, "Asassins" points to a line of riot police guarding the entrance to the Zocalo.
Newspapers sit on a bicycle in the protest encampment at Santo Domingo.
"The Guerilla is ready to die, not for an ideal, rather to make it reality." Protesters guard a barricaded entrance to the University.
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